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Molly’s Column

Do the ‘Cha cha cha!’

Get your dance moves ready and your feet on the floor. Friday, April 24 you could be dancing with the stars at Valle Center Middle School. A spaced themed, cha cha filled, all school dance party! Don’t miss it because this will be the last all school dance party of the 2014-2015 school year. For just $5 you can find yourself holding a dance ticket but do not forget to bring extra money for some snacks and drinks to support your favorite school club. If you would like to help with the 8th grade promotion dance then please call the middle school office at 760-751-4295.

Spring Break has sadly has come to an end. It gave us a taste of the summer that we all dream for of relaxation, more sleep and beach time. Fortunately we only have 7.5 weeks until the fun filled adventures of summer begins.

ASB elections begin in May and posters can start going up soon around campus. The fun begins when you can vote for anybody and everybody. But here is the catch you can only put up 2 election posters and no bribing with candy, shirts and such. Remember to have fun and good luck!

Last week during Spring Break it was filled with cleaning, sun bathing at the beach and getting dirty. Although our house is not totally the way my mom wants it we spent a few days picking up our house and cleaning our rooms (which probably still needs some more attention). We went to La Jolla Cove, La Jolla Tide Pools and La Jolla Shores. We really enjoyed relaxing in the sun and enjoying the quietness of the empty beaches.

As some of you know I have three pigs and my brother, Luke, has two pigs for our Valley Center 4-H project. We spent time with our show pigs during the week off too. We will be showing at the San Diego County Fair (Del Mar Fair) in June/July. The name of my pigs are: D-oink, Tuff and Silver. The names of Luke’s pigs are Patriot and Cooper. Maybe you will come and visit us at the fair!

I hope that you and your family have a great week. See you next issue!

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