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Mob Rule


 “If you can’t win by fighting fair, fight foul. Or have a third party do your fighting.”-—Famous mobster saying


The international media is biased towards socialism and a one world government. We have been told this by many insiders, including a recent interview with Lara Logan, former CBS international affairs reporter and “Sixty Minutes” correspondent.

Of course, she is being trashed for her comments by the same media that falsely claims to be unbiased. The media ganging up on her sounds like Vito Genovese claiming all of his businesses were legitimate.

The recent fake made-for-media attack engineered by FOX TV star Jussie Smollett illustrates how the story was widely misreported and never retracted. The whole event has been exposed as a manufactured piece of journalistic fraud. Smollett set out to paint his paid attackers as Ku Klux Klanners screaming “this is MAGA Country!”

It has become increasingly difficult to separate truth from fiction in the news since a majority of journalists worldwide are “absurdly left-leaning” as Lara Logan flatly stated. They have a vested interest in propping up an ideology that they embrace, and they control a powerful weapon to damage their opponents; the news media.

Since the election of Donald Trump, all pretense of fairness and restraint has been abandoned by the “mainstream” media. They see themselves as social justice warriors. It is no longer enough to attack the legislative agenda of the political right, it is now SOP to slander red state voters and businesses that have shown an affinity for conservative causes.

The newest assault on America’s principles is the movement to eliminate the Electoral College. To revert to a Direct Democracy, where elections are determined by popular vote. In a Progressive Utopia all conflict would be resolved by majority rule.

That may sound inviting, but over time it devolves into Mob Rule.

In some ways we are already approaching Mob Rule as modern media has become a platform for vetting the popularity of issues. Every controversy is polled; do you agree with “what he said”  or “what she said?” 

As we learned during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, it didn’t matter whether Christine Blasey-Ford’s accusations were true or not, what mattered was the severity of her allegations and the gender of the accuser.

“Every person who refuses to loudly and openly reject Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination is telling every generation of Americans that an alleged abuser’s career is more valuable than a survivor’s humanity. And the highest court in our land is no place for an alleged sexual offender to sit.”  — Alyssa Milano

The constitutional principle of presumption of innocence was cast aside because the accuser was a believable female. They said she “should be believed” because in the past too many women were denied justice by a system that was dominated by men. Radical feminists said evidence of a sexual crime is no more or less important than the allegation itself. Besides, Democrats claimed polls showed most Americans thought Blasey-Ford was telling the truth. Polls provided by the media themselves.

They wanted more than awareness, they wanted revenge. Progressives stood arm-in-arm, pointing to Marxist theory that the ends justify the means. 

The obvious question is how is it that a majority of on-air talent, of successful actors, of syndicated writers, and the vast majority of academics all speak with similar cadence, using redundant rhetoric about the “universally accepted” platitudes of “democratic socialism” and a new, “evolved” interpretation of constitutional rights?

The answer is Baby Boomers have wallowed in the economic perks of the Allied victory over fascism in World War II and the subsequent collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Berlin Wall. They were too busy building fortunes to notice the migration of disenfranchised Marxists to college campuses around the world, where their communist dogma could be distributed under the guise of academic freedom and the intellectual pursuit of social justice. The heirs of the Greatest Generation defaulted on the difficult and demanding chore of raising and disciplining their children and vetting their educators They pampered them and gave them too much veto power, showered them with positive reinforcement and false achievement. They inflated their egos and told them they were never wrong, eventually sending them off to be indoctrinated by fake academic patriots who filled their heads with anti-American hatred and Neo-communist propaganda. They were told they were more ‘progressive’ than their parents and supplied required-reading textbooks by radical leftists like Howard Zinn and Hillary Clinton’s favorite docent Saul Alinsky. Boomers put their kids in re-education indoctrination centers for four years and most of them were good students. Now they are leaders in their field of endeavor and to a large degree, Marxists.

For too many Millennials, it’s as if 100 years of communist crimes against humanity, and the genocide of 65 million human beings by authoritarian Communist regimes, never happened. That stuff was not taught to them. The vast majority of Millennials have never witnessed genocide, and many think Mao Tse Tung and Che Guevara were icons of social justice.

They believe they are the most intelligent generation in history, and they have no patience for contrition. They are children of the internet sharing revolution, so it makes sense to them that society should be organized in the same way as Pinterest or Instagram. 

The truth is a Progressive Mob of academics has successfully weaponized the American educational system too. And now, a “third party” of social justice warriors has come home to roost in newsrooms, schoolrooms, legislatures and film studios across the land. 

* * * 

Rick Elkin is a cultural and media observer, author and columnist. His most recent book, Trump’s Reckoning: Bulldozing Progressivism, Rebuilding Americanism, is widely available. He resides in Escondido, California. You can follow him at RickElkin.Com or on Twitter @Rick_Elkin.

*Note: Opinions expressed by columnists and letter writers are those of the writers and not necessarily those of the newspaper.

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