Escondido, CA

Missing Escondido Teen Seraphine Bustillos

The San Diego Sheriff’s Office is asking for the local public’s assistance in locating missing 15 year old Seraphine Bustillos out of the Escondido area. She goes by “Sara”.

Seraphine was last seen in the early morning of Saturday July 22, 2017 in the area of Harmony Grove/Fortuna Del Sur of Escondido. She has a 1.5 ft ball python snake with her, and a black backpack. Family believes that she met someone online who lured her from her home to meet. Her bedroom windows screen was cut open.

If you have any information in regards to Seraphine’s whereabouts, you are being asked to contact Detective Matt Tomavchak at the San Diego Sheriff’s Office at 760-510-5200 immediately. Please reference case number:17138117.


• GENDER: Female.
• HAIR: Dyed Black.
• EYES: Blue.
• HEIGHT: 5 Foot 1 Inch.
• WEIGHT: 110 Pounds.
• OTHER: Has her ears pierced.

2 responses to “Missing Escondido Teen Seraphine Bustillos”

  1. Eveline F Bustillos says:

    Please print this article again as she has been missing for 17 days, today, 8/7/17.
    her mother, Eveline F Bustillos,858.354.0600

  2. Tim Ceballos says:

    This is so misleading! There is NO evidence that Sara met some online bad guy! Thats just the parents trying to place blame on someone other than themselves! And, i may create a pnick in the general public making them believe there is an online predator in our area luring Girls away! There is SIMPLY NO EVIDENCE that this occured! I got this information first hand FROM THE PARENTS! Fact is, Sara was being punished BY HER PARENTS…then, She cut the screen to her room window and left!! Someone MAY have picked her up from Her remotely located home..but, there is NO factual evidence as such. FACT IS (as told to me BY THE PARENTS) that Sara was being punished, and THATS most likely why she left….!

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