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Misfits heading to Western Days to try to disrupt festival

Members of the Valley Center Marshal’s Posse (and floozies).

Members of the Valley Center Marshal’s Posse (and floozies).

Western Days is upon us once again and as in past years there is a group of individuals who are going to try to disrupt our community from having fun during Western Days.

This year the MILLER MISFIT’S who are headed up by the notorious Shady Shain are planning to come to town starting on Saturday May 16 at Smokey’s Lake Wolford Café and try to by using the Floozies (better known as ladies of the night) to distract the gentleman of Valley Center while Shady and the MISFIT’S conduct their robbery’s, larceny and whatever else they can get away with though out town during Western Day’s.

However according to Calico Craig from the Marshals Posse Office Shady is already on their radar and his plans to cause trouble on Thursday May 21 and Friday the 22nd during the Parade and on Saturday the 23rd starting with Pala Gas and Market.

Shady must not be aware that Valley Center has one of the best hanging judge’s west of New York City. Judge Greg (hang’em high) Elam has indicated that he has two brand new state of the art hanging ropes and can’t wait to get his hands on Shady and his boys—that is if they are still around to be hung after all the good old fashion western gun fights and shot outs.

So good folks of Valley Center come on out and enjoy fun with us to kick off Western Days.

If there is anybody who to help this group with a contribution to offset the cost of their ammo and props they can contact Craig Ames at (760) 457-5223 or Cindy Shain at 760-277-0765 any help would be greatly appreciated.

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