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McNamara takes lead in contest with Mayor Abed

If the trend continues, Paul McNamara will be sworn in December 12 as the next mayor of Escondido. The retired Marine Colonel as of Monday night was leading Mayor Sam Abed by about 900 votes and has been since last week as the Registrar of Voters continues its snail’s pace of counting votes.

The Registrar is expected to certify the election around December 6 at the latest.

Marie Waldron, the newly sworn in minoring leader of the Assembly was heard to remark on Monday, “We can send a man to the moon, but we can’t count votes faster than this?”

McNamara wasn’t ready yet to claim victory, wanting to wait until virtually every last vote is counted before claiming his prize.

He told The Times-Advocate Monday: “I think I’m going to just wait until the ROV announces it.  I don’t know what the point is at this stage.  Here’s an update as we know it.   This weekend and this week they are doing the provisionals.  The 50th district and Escondido mayoral precincts are priority due to the closeness.”

He added, “I also understand there is a lot of challenging going on between the two 50th district camps, thus slowing the process down.  Obviously, Escondido is in the 50th and so that slows our count as well.  Additionally, I understand that there are about 1800 provisionals that could affect the mayoral race.  So, if we see the new count  come close to an 1800 increase from Friday’s count, we should be done other than a few stragglers, meaning those folks who forgot to sign the envelope or something like that and have the opportunity to send it back in.”

23 responses to “McNamara takes lead in contest with Mayor Abed”

  1. Ray Carney says:

    I hope he does not ruin the city. After reading his ‘bio”, he seems to be a “reconquista” and that is the problem in Escondido,too many of them.

    • SoCal Baker says:

      The Democrats under Jerry Harmon already ruined Escondido, the Republicans finally turned the city around. Typical California, when things are going good vote Democrat, when things are going bad vote Republican to fix what the Democrats did.

      • Stephen Thorne says:

        California is moving forward now that Republicans are no longer able to clog up the system. Budgets are balanced and on time. I expect the same for Escondido, now that Abed’s stupid acts no longer cause expensive litigation. Historically, Democrats fix the damage done by Republicans who only act to shove wealth to those who don’t need it.

        • Ray Carney says:

          Really? You have proof of this? Love to see it.

        • Ray Carney says:

          How Steven:

          Democrats HISTORICALLY have been poor on crime, immigration, military and jobs and HEATH CARE, what can democrats do but destroy everything. FREEBIES FOR ALL. That’s my experiences with democrats.

          Name one thing the democrats did that was good? no buzzer, no ten seconds, I’ll give you some time.

      • Godfrey says:

        Well the city race should not be so partisan it should be the will of the people of the city not Washington policy

    • Dom Wolf says:

      Specifically what in his biography makes you say that?

    • Stephen Thorne says:

      What does the reconquest of Spain from the Moors (the Reconquista) have to do with who is the Mayor of Escondido?

    • OriginalEscoGirl says:

      I don’t understand why you think a marine Corp veteran, and centcom Colonel during 911, has a questionable bio. He literal bio is serving United States Central Command
      Defense force…… how do you reconcile your statement with reality?

  2. John says:

    The possible former Mayor Abed has done anything worth a damn in years for Escondido, except for what suits him! More businesses have folded up shop since his second year in office then the previous mayor! So I hope this guy will at least put in a effort to change that

    • Ray Carney says:

      Reason. Nobody wants to open businesses in the barrio. I am going to use a term seldom heard in California but popular elsewhere, “white flight”. I remember back in the early 1980’s, the east end was the place to live, now you duck when you hear gunfire.Now everyone is leaving and taking their businesses and wealth with them, 186.000 left this state last year and projections say this could double. Liberal politics and policies has killed California, cops in town now issue citations for meth busts. People are tired of paying for someone else’s problems and are leaving, Georgia is a prime destination for displaced Californians who want to escape the nonsense. When you see three taco shops on one block, time to move.

      • Barbara Takahara says:

        The “barrio” was abandoned when Sam sold his businesses here. East Valley was to become the “Gateway to the Casinos”. Instead City development for East Valley was dropped. Back room deal with Denny lost our East Valley Branch Library. Corner of Ash and Washington is now industrial. Yep, barrio was on its way up and hopefully it will be again.

        • Ray Carney says:

          Nobody wants to invest in East Escondido anymore. Library, Nobody in town can read the books, their in English. I remember east Escondido, lived there most of my time in this city, not anymore, it’s Country Club, West El Norte for me.

          • Ray Carney says:


            Don’t know how long you lived here but I remember Truly Yours, two movie theaters, great overall shopping and a host of other things that made the east end a great place to live, no it’s bang, duck and cover. Lady killed on Midway on her way home from church, car chase by Walmart, two dead, apartment complexes filled with gangs, Solana on Grand, Ridgeview come to mind. As for lawsuits, California is the “sue me state” they sue for just about anything, don’t blame Abed.

          • Barbara Takahara says:

            Hi Ray, tried leaving a post, but did not see it got posted.
            I have lived in Escondido since 1982 and in Mission Park since 1989. Placido was shot down a half a block from where I live. If you want to gain some understanding of the challenges of Escondido, please read “I American: An American Reality”. There is renewed hope for Escondido. It is good to see the changes in our young people and their courage to help shape our future.

          • Carolina says:

            You would have benefited from the library, since you don’t know how to write English. Please learn the difference between their and they’re. The correct phrase is “they’re in English” not “their in English”

  3. Amy says:

    They only thing old Sam has done is line his pockets and make horrible decisions for the residents of Escondido. Good riddance.

  4. Ray Carney says:

    This new mayor after doing some research seems to me to be a “latinophile” who would sacrifice the city for the minority. No self respecting military person would ever be a democrat especially one of his age, he forgot Jimmy Carter and what he did to our military, I just hope he does not do it to this city. Now the city gave power to the whack jobs like Die-ez.

    • OS says:

      Mr. Carney,

      I read most of your comments and I will just come out and say it. You are a racist bigot and a keyboard tough guy. Please leave my city you filthy animal and take Sammy with you. Adios!!

  5. Barbara says:

    Ray, I have lived in Escondido only since 1982 and in Mission Park since 1989. In 2010 Placido was shot down a half block from where I live. However, working with children at risk has been a life long passion. We have many people in Escondido dedicated to the betterment of our community. We now have renewed hope.

  6. Earl Brown says:

    I refer to Mr. Abed as ‘Yosemite Sam’. I guess Mr. McNamara will be ‘Big Mac’. At least, I hope so.

  7. Ray Carney says:

    If this “new” Mayor wants to reassure the community that he means business is to “fire” the current Chief of Police, the man is worthless. When I read a story where he enlisted local churches to solve our drunk driving problem, I knew this man has a few cards missing out of his deck. Maybe than our crime reports will not resemble the menu at Alberto’s.

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