Escondido, CA

Mayor reacts to murder suspect who was deported six times

Mayor Sam Abed Wednesday morning reacted to the news that the murder suspect taken into custody Saturday morning had previously been deported. See our front page story about the shooting on Grand Avenue.

Mayor Abed, who is running for reelection in November, told The Times-Advocate, “The murder suspect had been deported six times and had committed multiple crimes in the past. Since January, and under the Sanctuary State law, the lack of cooperation between our police and ICE would make it much harder to continue to deport criminals like him. The Sanctuary State law is a public safety threat to our city and state. We have to repeal this bad law and secure our borders to protect the safety of our citizens. I also want to express my sincere appreciation to the brave police officers for their outstanding effort to arrest the suspect and keep our community safe.”


Police Chief: Cooperation between ICE and EPD might have helped in case of murder suspect

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