Escondido, CA

Mayor “Mac” switches supervisor endorsement from Diaz to Lawson Remer

Paul “Mac” McNamara, Mayor of Escondido, announced this week that he is withdrawing his endorsement of Olga Diaz and endorsing Terra Lawson-Remer for county supervisor.  

In his prepared statement, McNamara said, “After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that Terra is the better candidate for the position.  When one reviews the challenges facing the region, it became clear to me that she has the intellect and practical problem solving skills needed. She brings enormous understanding and experience on issues such as the environment among others.  Additionally, as a San Diego native, she knows how to integrate local, state and federal efforts.”

2 responses to “Mayor “Mac” switches supervisor endorsement from Diaz to Lawson Remer”

  1. Lawrence Steneck says:

    Politics as usual. By far Olga Diaz is best qualified for the position. And I am an independent conservative voter.

    • Maximus Aurelius says:

      You must have your head in the sand. After Paul had to listen to Olga for a year on council, I am sure it was an easy decision to endorse her opponent.

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