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Maybe the mayor could run for president


It’s May and there’s only twenty candidates in the running for the Democratic nomination for president. I say that it’s time for Mayor Paul McNamara to consider tossing his cap in the ring.  Before the count gets to two dozen, which, in my mind, is the magic number when some people would start to lose interest.

This is not an endorsement, of course, because, well, I’m not a Democrat. But one can’t help but notice that one of the most prominent of the candidates running for the nomination is Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is a mayor of the town of about 100,000 people. Mayor McNamara runs a city of about 150,000. That extra 50,000 ought to count for something. Especially since McNamara’s town is the essence of diverse, with half of the population being Hispanic. 

McNamara is kind of a centrist Democrat, something the Democrats could definitely use, in my opinion. Not that the Democrats need any advice from me. However, they could do much worse than the recently elected mayor who, besides having a pleasant demeanor, and the ability to get along with everybody from both ends of the political spectrum, and solid views on policy looks a little like the late Senator John McCain!

So here’s hoping that the mayor is reading this column, and, instead of laughing, maybe he should sit down and think it over seriously. Escondido calls itself “The City of Choice.” Why not expand that to, “The City of Choice of America”?

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One response to “Maybe the mayor could run for president”

  1. What an endorsement! I think Mayor Paul has a busy slate ahead for the Hidden City. It is a wonderful change to see city government working together and in a clear direction. Stay home Mayor Paul.

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