Escondido, CA

Margaret E Fisher-Acosta, 93, of Escondido



Margaret E. Fisher-Acosta of Escondido died peacefully August 9, 2015 after a decline in health. She was 93.

She was surrounded and supported by her loving family and caregivers during the last days of her life.

Mrs. Fisher-Acosta was born May 9, 1922 in Canfield, Ohio. She attended Stevens College and is a graduate of Duke University. She left the East in 1952 to reside in La Jolla.

After raising her five boys and a daughter, Mrs. Fisher-Acosta retired in Escondido, where she lived the remainder of her life.

She had a true passion for creative writing, art, singing and the wonders of her world.

Survivors include six children (and spouses): Edwin (Connie), Stephan Jr, Robert Stephan, Thomas (Paula), Stephan, Kathleen (Gary) Nilson, Timothy (Cindy) Stephan, and James (Helene) Stephan; 10 grandchildren: Erik, Mark, Jenna, Brian, Lisa, Cody, Tanner, Travis, Austin and Erica; five great-grandchildren: Makaila, Marlana, Macenzie, Henry, Allison, and Rylan.

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