Escondido, CA

Man falls from 2nd floor at Westfield North County

Around 6:15pm Wednesday, Escondido Police were dispatched to a suspicious person call at the Apple store in Westfield-North County. The initial call stated that a male was talking to himself and ripping off his jacket. While officers were still en-route, the male, who was later determined to be 23 years old, became agitated with Apple store employees. The male ran from the store, struck the 2nd floor railing and fell to the 1st floor. Escondido PD officers arrived just after the fall and the male was conscious. Escondido Fire Department personnel responded and transported the male to Palomar Medical Center. Officers determined that no crime had occurred.

3 responses to “Man falls from 2nd floor at Westfield North County”

  1. Ashley says:

    Does anyone know how this young man is doing? All this article outlines is that he fell from the second story- but it gives no indication as to how he is, or if he is even alive? I was present during this horrific incident and saw the police placing hand cuffs of him after his 30-40ft fall onto the marble floor. I’ve tried getting information from Palomar and Escondido PD but came up with nothing. I pray he is okay. Any further information?

    • Family friend says:

      I know him. He is recovering.

    • Gina Hirata says:

      Hello Ashley, yes. He is alive. Thank God. I am his Aunt. He suffered a broken back in 4 places! He shattered his pelvis and has a long road ahead of him to recovery. Thank you for your prayers. Can you describe what you saw? I can’t believe they handcuffed him unconscious. He said he woke up in the ambulance with handcuffs on. He didn’t do anything to warrant that. He should be released in the next couple days from the hospital to begin PT. Thank you again for your prayers . we know God spared Adam.

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