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Long Term Escondido resident reflects on another time

Angelina Morones has been living in Escondido since 1948.

Local history is always interesting, and, let’s face it, the history of Escondido is no exception.  A long term neighbor, especially a 94 year old one, can sometimes tell us an intersting tidbit or two about our community’s past.

So is  the case with Angelina Morones, a long time resident of the “flower street” neighborhood in north Escondido.  In fact, she has lived in Escondido since 1948, almost 70 years, and in her Goldenrod home since 1958, one of the original residents of the newly built, post WWII neighborhood.

Mrs. Morones, who originally hails from the Yorba Linda area of Orange County, traveled to Escondido with her family, which included eleven children, when she was 25 years old. The family originally lived in a tent while building their first home, a small home crafted out of wood obtained from disasembled barracks and acquired from a successful bid in an auction at Camp Pendleton.  In fact, this home is still standing strong and sturdy and is now the home of Miryana’s Alteration Shop in the 700 block of E. Valley Pkwy, formerly Valley Blvd. She remembers her family walking across Valley Blvd. to Snack and Bottle, which is still open for business at the Southeast corner of Valley Pkwy and N. Fig.

In fact, all the homes Mrs. Morones lived in while in Escondido are still standing, including the home she briefly lived in on Tulip St in the mid 1950’s.

Mrs. Morones met her husband, Raymond, and was married shortly after her arrival in Escondido. Mr Morones worked as a butcher for about 35 years at Talones Meat Market on N. Hale and Tulip St., until 1987.  A vacant Talones burned down a little over a year ago under suspicious circumstances.

Angelina Morones’s original home is now Miryana’s Alteration Shop on Valley Parkway.

Prior to having children,  Mrs. Morones worked in the local produce packing houses that our “Hidden valley is famous for. In particular, she worked in the Sunkist citrus packing plant, wrapping and packing mostly oranges, for several months out of  the year. That packing plant has since been replaced by other buildings on the South side of Mission in the area of Lowes and Carmax.

Mrs. Morones still enjoys Escondido, and her four daughters take turns once a week driving her a bit more to our “back country” so she can indulge in a day at one of the local casinos. The biggest change she has seen? She says there are “so many cars, now.”

2 responses to “Long Term Escondido resident reflects on another time”

  1. Michael Plouffe says:

    I absolutely love this story you need to visit the man across the street carl he bought his dads house and he has many wonderful story’s growing up on the block from the orchards to the river that went thru now the concrete drainage I’m 41 and truly love Escondido

  2. Richard says:

    This is a sweet story. We need more news like this. My mother is 91 and has lived here since 1963.

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