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Locals start site to donate protective supplies for hospital workers

A group of men and women from Valley Center have started a GoFundMe page to raise money for PPE supplies directly to hospitals. They started the site over the weekend and have already raised $7,200.

PPE (personal protective equipment) includes items such as N-95 masks, gloves, gowns and protective glasses.

Shaun Kimball told The Times-Advocate: “We want to donate to Palomar and we need your help. A bunch us from Valley Center started a go fund me. We are donating the PPE supplies directly to the hospitals. Participants in the project from Valley Center, are Keith Reilly, Sidney Reilly, John Renourd, Savanna Reilly and Shaun Kimball.”

Go to:

Kimball added, “We can commit to you that we will help Palomar Hospital out. Right now masks are selling for $5 and we can donate them for around $2.   I’m able to source these supplies at factory costs. The money we raised initially was without anything other than word of mouth. We feel we have something that is very valid and can support the communities.”

Kimball added, “We are focusing on where we live but also talking about helping hospitals nationwide. We have the potential to become national.” He said a lot of their donations have come from Tijuana, where Keith Reilly is working with doctors. “When they donate they can stipulate which hospital it will go to.”

Besides using the GoFundMe address shown above, those wishing to make donations can also visit or call Kimball at 760-594-7166.

Facebook Page:


Kimball partnered with the non-profit WHOlives for this fundraiser/project.

Salt Lake City, UT (April 2, 2020) – WHOlives, the internationally recognized and award-winning NGO, today announced it is expanding its efforts to combat the COVIS 19 Virus.
WHOlives brings 10 years of experience in rural and international emergency welfare distribution and joins a team of private individuals and corporations with additional expertise in international trade, overseas manufacturing, international logistics and shipping.

We are ready to help those on the frontline directly by providing the FDA/CE approved and certified Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Masks, Gloves, Gowns, Sanitizer and more. Right now, on the news every day, we see how the market for Personal Protective Equipment specialty masks has skyrocketed out of control and everyone from privateers to governments are scrambling to get their share.

Tragically, many of the people that need this equipment the most are currently not equipped to protect you (their patients) and even themselves.  We’ve all seen these stories on the News and on Social Media.  The frontline responders are the only option in this fight; there is no backup plan.  Simply put, without them, we lose.

We have secured through accredited FDA and CE manufacturers in Mexico, China, and Turkey the ability to purchase at below current market rates, and ship directly to those in need.  We must work quickly and tirelessly for those who are risking it all to protect us.  Our team is composed of individuals involved in sourcing directly from the manufacturers.  We manage logistics every single day to ensure that shipments reach their destination safely from foreign countries.

As of today April 1, 2020, we have in transit 14,000 N95 masks on the way.   Our goal is to supply 10,000,000 more masks to our Frontline Heroes.  If they can risk everything to help us, then we must unite as one and support them together.




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