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Local writers release new books

This week marks the nationwide re­lease of “Between Two Seas,” a riv­eting new book by Escondido author Robert Alan Ward, and “Through Fear and Trembling,” an engrossing col­laboration by Ward and his co-author David D. Ross.

In “Between Two Seas,” which will be released nationwide this week, Melitene is ravaged by violence, pov­erty, addiction and unrest. The new governor, Trebonius, is charged by the emperor to bring stability to the island. He seeks the counsel of two leading Melitenians who represent diametri­cally opposed worldviews. Solon is a humble seeker of his Creator. Alac­erius believes only in man-made solu­tions, with himself in charge.

“Through Fear and Trembling” foresees an Orwellian time of persecu­tion, both subtle and overt, that will be unleashed upon Bible-believing indi­viduals and churches in a culture that has come to regard the Bible as hate literature and Christians as criminals. Will the believers at Green Valley fold under the intense pressure, or will they fight back, calling upon the one who died and rose again on their behalf? Find out the answers in the pages of “Through Fear and Trembling,” which will be released nationwide next week.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the books are available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting barne­ or

When Ward first believed in Christ on Oct. 2, 1966, it was like someone turned on the lights in a darkened room. After serving in the United States Air Force from 1969 to 1972 in Germany, he remained for another year in minis­try. He then returned home and earned a bachelor’s degree in Christian edu­cation from San Diego Christian Col­lege. A 27-year career with the United Parcel Service followed. Now retired, Ward lives in Escondido with his wife Gisela. He loves to spend time with his five children and 12 grandchildren. He has 12 published drama titles to his credit. His other books include “Deliv­ered out of the Lion’s Mouth.”

Ross is a freelance journalist and the editor of the community newspapers, Escondido Times Advocate and Valley Roadrunner. He has been a newspa­per editor and journalist for more than 30 years. He founded and edited The Boulevard magazine, a lifestyle publi­cation. He is the author of two science fiction novels: “The Eighth Rank” and “The Argus Gambit.”

A resident of Palomar Mountain, Ross is knowledgeable on San Di­ego’s backcountry and has written articles on tourism in Julian, Palomar Mountain and the San Diego Safari Park. One of his specialties is writing about the local food scene. He recently earned his master’s degree in military history from Norwich University. He is working on another science fiction novel, entitled “Cranium.” He enjoys writing prophetic fiction and being proven right.

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