Escondido, CA

Local unemployment figures continue downward

Unemployment rates in San Diego County continued to inch down, and Escondido’s figures were right there in a median of the County.

According to statistics for December released by California Employment Development Department (EDD) the unemployment rate dropped 0.1% in December to 4.2% for San Diego County, matching May’s low and 0.6% lower than a year ago. San Diego’s unemployment rate continues to remain lower than both the California rate of 5.0% and the national rate of 4.5%.

In Escondido’s labor force of 70,000, 67,100 workers were shown as having jobs, which is a 4.2% unemployment rate, less than the month before. This is the same as neighboring San Marcos, and slightly higher than Vista, which had an unemployment rate of 3.7%. The city with the lowest unemployment rate in the County was Del Mar with 0.4% unemployment, which the highest unemployment rate was Imperial Beach, with 6.5%. The city of San Diego had an unemployment rate of 3.9%.

San Diego Economic Pulse noted: “December was another positive month for the region, with unemployment rates stabilizing or dropping for 17 out of 19 jurisdictions. Additionally, six jurisdictions have current unemployment rates that are lower than the regional rate.”

Pulse is a publication of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation.

The unemployment rate measures the number of people who are both jobless and looking for a job.

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