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Local expert shares hair care tips during salon shut-downs

We all know how long the pandemic-related salon shutdowns have been going on.  They’re measured by the state of our hairstyle.  “No one knows the time elapsed between haircuts more than people who are used to regularly going to their hair stylist,” said Cindy Adra, former Valley Center resident and founder of The HairShare,, continuing education for the hair stylist industry. 

Dealing with bad hair days 

Adra, currently of Escondido, sympathizes with her clients and others prohibited from getting their graying hair “‘touched up,” or “shattered ends” trimmed and shaped.  “Clients can tell you exactly the last time they looked in the mirror and saw a fresh color and cut,“ Adra said.  “I hear the frustration all the time now. Clients share, it’s been six months since I’ve colored my hair— my hair is a mess— my style is completely grown out,” she added. 

As a hairstylist for over 35 years, Adra, a veteran hair educator, admits that she’s barraged with complaints about not getting an appointment.  “My first thought is to tape all these conversations and let our California Governor hear first-hand how essential this industry really is,” she emphasized. “Looking your best is definitely a mood lifter and we all need a lift in these daunting times.”

A word of caution

Adra shared that her clients invariably ask for quick fixes, “What can I do at home to make my hair look better… can you recommend a color I can buy at the drug store…what if my husband just trimmed my ends?’”  

She advises caution. “Invariably, it doesn’t turn out like you hoped, and then the color variation starts to look uneven and home color can be spotty, which leads to a bigger issue when you are able to go back to the salon,” She added,  “As far as having someone at home try a ‘light trim,’ it sounds good if you really will be OK when it turns out uneven.”


A much better solution, Adra suggests, is to use this time to pamper and treat hair to get it the healthiest possible. “Since no one is going anywhere fancy, why not give your hair a conditioning treatment once or twice a week?” Adra suggested.   “After applying a moisturizer or protein treatment, leave it on as long as possible before shampooing.”

Adra also recommends going longer between shampoos. “Wait to shampoo until you can see, or feel, the natural oils on your hair,” she said.  “Then take a boar-bristle brush and brush the oils down the hair, repeating the cycle again and again. I guarantee that by the time this quarantine is over, you’ll have healthy, younger-looking hair.” 

Products like essential oils and serums are also good hair repair options, Adra said. “I like hair serums made from essential oils with a nice carrier oil like sesame, Argon or Jojoba,” she said.  “Vitality Extracts has an especially wonderful hair oil called Hair Envy. It’s all natural and blended with pure therapeutic-grade essential oils which also heals scalp conditions and imbalances on the scalp.” She added, “The spray-on version is good to spray directly on untrimmed ends to help seal and restore life back to them,” she concluded. 

Hairstyle hacks

For styling the hair, Adra recommends making use of scarves, bandanas, and hair pins. “There are hundreds of videos online with tutorials on different ways to wrap a scarf around your hair,” Adra explained.  “It looks smart and covers any root issues easily.” 

“It’s time to create your own trend,” Adra said.  “Experiment with mid-length hair or longer, pinning random sections of your hair up, leaving the ends splayed out. The idea is to keep a purposely “messy” look that efficiently ‘does the trick’ in hiding gray roots.” 

      She summarized, “The whole idea is that while our lives are taking a respite from our daily routine, let’s give our hair a break also. Hair needs love, too!”

A question of hair color 

“If you are absolutely intent on applying non-salon hair color on your hair, try a semi- permanent color first,” Adra offered.  “The color will be more transparent, but the re-growth will be less noticeable and if it’s something that’s not quite right, it will eventually wash out.” 

Adra makes a case for spending this time away from the salon looking for alternatives to improving overall hair health.  “What could be more positive than restoring our ‘crowning glory’ to its natural splendor?” Adra asked.  “When this quarantine is all over, you’ll be happy you did.”

The HairShare online hair education course, provides stylists the tools and confidence to develop a rewarding career in the hair industry.  For more information, and to con-tact Cindy Adra, email


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