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Local code enforcement officer speaks at law enforcement summit

From left to right Lobbyist Paul Curry, representatives from the California Correctional Supervisors Organization, Assemblyman Tom Lackey, CACEO board member Jamie Zeller and CACEO President Darrell Revier.

Each year, Sacramento holds various Legislative Summits that give; “We the People” an opportunity to take an active role in keeping the California Legislature aware of the issues that matter to you. 

This year, on March 3-4 the annual Alliance of California Law Enforcement Summit began at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento, encompassing numerous meetings with Public Safety Officials from around the state. This event is the one day each year that California public safety community speaks with a single and collaborative voice. This program serves as a rare opportunity to join interactive discussions about legislation and policy and work with colleagues statewide on what will be needed to address these recent criminal justice reforms. 

The California Association of Code Enforcement Officers (CACEO) sent several representatives from their organization including President Darrell Revier, Vice President Abraham Duran, Board member Amanda Ahrens and our very own Region 8 Board member and the Times-Advocate On the Menu writer, Jamie Zeller to speak to members of the Assembly and Senate at the Capitol. 

CACEO represents over 1,500 Code Enforcement Officers from around the State of California and is responsible for promoting and advancing the profession of code enforcement while serving and supporting members by offering comprehensive education and certification as well as legislative advocacy. 

Representatives from CACEO spoke to various Assembly Members and their staff about bills that are important to their profession. One of these bills included AB 3319, an Officer Safety bill that would require jurisdictions to provide minimum standards for the safety of Code Enforcement Officers.  

One response to “Local code enforcement officer speaks at law enforcement summit”

  1. Steve says:

    The bill does not go into enough detail. It is poorly worded and will not be effective because too much latitude is given to agencies in not providing effective training. The law needs to spell out specifically what type of training is required for all departments. Otherwise the agency heads will say we don’t have problems so just walk away.

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