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Local church families pack 30K meals for Peru

Members of Cross Connection Church in Escondido packed 30,000 meals for hungry families in Peru.

Families from Cross Connection Church in Escondido gathered to pack 30,000 meals for Peru over the weekend of August 28-29 in response to Su Refugio Ministries’ call to combat the food distress amidst COVID. 

These meals topped off Su Refugio’s shipping container, launching the voyage for 275,000 meals to be distributed throughout 12 communities across Peru. 

Curfew, quarantine, and travel restrictions coupled with slow vaccine rollout and high infection rates have continued to keep Peruvian families desperate for care and craving a sense of community again.

Peru has struggled socially, economically, and spiritually for many years and these issues have only become intensified through COVID. The country is facing a serious crisis, as parents simply do not have the resources to provide meals for their children. Food supply, access to education, and resources for unemployment have been scarce. Without work, families cannot eat, and without money for food or internet, children cannot learn. Su Refugio’s FEED program is working rigorously to combat this crisis by nourishing children’s bodies, minds, and souls at their twelve Children’s Care Centers across the jungles, desserts, and mountains of the country. Church, business, and volunteer partnerships are still in demand to amplify Su Refugio’s global impact.

Su Refugio Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization working to rescue, feed, and equip orphans and widows in Paraguay, Peru, and Argentina.

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