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Local charity assists in neighborhood cleanup

Turnout by Brothers of 6 members was great.

On Saturday April 17 the Old Escondido Historic District in conjunction North County Charity “Brothers of 6” took part in a neighborhood-wide cleanup of Old Escondido. 

“The event consisted of driving through every alley in Old Escondido for the purpose of removing unwanted items from properties in order to enhance and beautify Old Escondido,” said Marion Hanlon, vice president of the Old Escondido Historic District. The annual project additionally collects donated items that are sold to raise money for Historic District projects, added Hanlon.

The project was initiated and completed by The Old Escondido Historic District.

The event was scheduled to take place between 8 a.m. and noon but due to the great turnout of the members of the Brothers of 6, we were able to blanket the entire neighborhood in under two hours, said Luke Mahan, board member at large with the Brothers of 6. Mahan went on to add what a great success the event was in its impact to beautify the community!

For more information about the Escondido Historical Society, please visit

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Donated items that will be sold to benefit the Old Escondido Historic District.

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