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Local author among nominees for ‘50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’

Brookes stands in front of her book, Linked Lives, displayed on the Best Sellers table at the largest independent book store in Texas - BookPeople in Austin.

Brookes stands in front of her book, Linked Lives, displayed on the Best Sellers table at the largest independent book store in Texas – BookPeople in Austin.

The Authors Show, a professional book marketing audio and video program has selected nominees for its 2017 Edition of “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading.” Valley Center resident and Times-Advocate Advertising Manager, Kathy MacKenzie (who writes under the pseudonym Bonny Brookes) is among them.

The purpose of this award is about the author behind the book, which is why The Authors Show asks nominees to write an essay about their writing journey/career, their expectations as authors, a summary of their body of work and basic information about their books. The public at large is then invited to read these essays and decide whom to vote for.

Bonny started writing the stories that had been floating around in her head for over twenty years after a life-altering event in January of 2013. “While looking down at my best friend in her coffin, I realized her grandchildren would never know what a wonderful person she was and I needed to write her story — if only for them. I muttered my thoughts to myself but a nun, standing behind me, heard it. We talked briefly and she urged me to write the story. I took it as a sign from God.”

”Upon returning home from the funeral, I spent all of my time writing, except for a few hours of sleep each night. The first draft was complete after only four days. Ms. Brookes struggled to find the perfect title that would fit her first book about her friend.

“It was originally going to be entitled Lori’s Dash, but after completing it, I realized it wasn’t just about Lori, but all the lives she’d touched, and how those lives altered as a result.” Searching for something better, she thought Linked Lives would best reflect how her friend had made a difference in each of those lives. “People are linked to each other, maybe for a moment, maybe for a lifetime, and those links affect how our lives play out. That’s what Linked Lives represents.”

Nine months after completing the first rough draft, and after several revisions, edits and proofs, the book was published on Halloween 2014.

“I hope the readers enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it,” Brookes said. Based on the reviews received, it appears readers are relating to this powerful story. Linked Lives has received numerous 5-star ratings on Amazon and received several book awards including the Beverly Hills International Book Award, the 2014 National Indie Excellent Book Award and Readers Favorite National Book Award since its release.

Autographed copies will soon be available for sale at the Valley Center office of Roadrunner Publications as well as paperback or e-book versions on, and at the author’s website,

Bonny Brookes’ latest book Darkest Dawn has also received 4 and 5-star reviews and an award. She is currently working on her next book, a story about her beloved cat’s many unusual adventures, which is written from the perspective of her feline friend. Once that’s complete, Bonny has another inspirational based book in mind to help others overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

“Writing is in my blood and I don’t think I’ll stop until I leave this world.”

When not writing or working, Bonny cuddles with her finicky felines, visits with her grown daughter and gets together with friends to sing karaoke. She also enjoys water-skiing, playing piano and guitar, reading and photographing nature and wildlife. Bonny adores being outside under a blue sky and a warm sun, especially when exploring nature, observing wild animals and gathering ideas for another story.

Vote for Bonny Brookes (Memoir Category) as one of the 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading at You’ll find her name listed near the end of the list.

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