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Letters to the editor


Editor, Times Advocate:

I want to take a few moments of your time, if I may, fellow Valley Center residents. Since being elected to serve on the Valley Center Planning Group last November, my eyes have become wide open to the many changes that lie ahead for our community.

I truly invite everyone to come out and listen to the county staff and developers make their project presentations and give your feedback, as a community resident, about their plans and outlook for our town. Traffic, roads, water and sewer, are just some of the questions that are being considered. I am sure you can inject some of your own.

All I am saying is, this is now the time to be heard, not after the plans are set in stone and the groundbreaking photo ops are in the paper. The Valley Center Planning Group meets the 2nd Monday of every month, 7 p.m. at VC Community Hall.


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Editor, Times Advocate:

I thought your readers would like to know that my lost US Post Office material with all of my IRS stuff eventually made it to my accountant’s office. Remember the materials were sent accidentally to New York City instead of Stockton, California. My faith in our mail delivery system has been renewed.

Editor’s note: For reference see the original letter below:

Recently I mailed a package of valuable materials at our local Post Office in Valley Center. I have faith in our system that delivers millions of letter a day, so I did NOT insure the package nor did I make a photocopy of its contents. MISTAKE. I sent it CERTIFIED MAIL with a TRACKING number, so I was relieved and confident that my 80 pages of 2014 TAX documents, receipts and etc would be delivered to my accountant in STOCKTON.

GUESS WHAT? The package never make it to Stockton, CA, where it was sent. Instead this package went first to San Diego and then MYSTERIOUSLY flew to Jamaica, New York. From there it went to New York City, New York, and as of March 29th, the package has never been seen. I know about its travels because CERTIFIED MAIL has a tracking record and our local postal employees have been helping me try to locate the package.

WARNING to all, photocopy materials sent in the MAIL and assume that if a letter or package is lost,, that the materials can be duplicated. Insure your valuable mail too, because the rate is reasonable, and lastly send anything valuable with CERTIFIED MAIL.

NOW I have to worry about IDENTITY THEFT and I have the arduous task of re-creating all of the documents from the lost 2014 Tax preparation booklet that I sent to my accountant in Stockton via the US Post Office.

LINDA H. SHAW, Valley Center

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