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Letters to the editor


Editor, Times Advocate:

I am saddened by the reoccurring news of police officers being killed across the country. The media coverage of these shootings in some instances has been deceptive and designed to inflame people.

It is appalling that the funeral of the NYPD Officer Moore required snipers on rooftops and a three-mile no fly zone to ensure the safety of those in attendance. In addition, some members of the media and protestors have expressed little if any remorse or respect for these slain officers. I submit if there ever were a case or example of “police brutality”, the recent events are prime examples of what that catch phrase truly means.

There have been many documented contributing factors to the decline and eventual collapse of civilizations. The economy, productivity etc. but most consistently is the eroding of a society’s morals, values and civil disobedience. I believe the blatant overwhelming disrespect for our laws and specifically those honorable men and women that enforce them has never been more self-evident. Regretfully, I contend we are a society in rapid decline.

RICHARD MOKER, Valley Center
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