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Letters to the editor


Editor, Times Advocate:

Recently I mailed a package of valuable materials at our local Post Office in Valley Center. I have faith in our system that delivers millions of letter a day, so I did NOT insure the package nor did I make a photocopy of its contents. MISTAKE. I sent it CERTIFIED MAIL with a TRACKING number, so I was relieved and confident that my 80 pages of 2014 TAX documents, receipts and etc would be delivered to my accountant in STOCKTON.

GUESS WHAT? The package never make it to Stockton, CA, where it was sent. Instead this package went first to San Diego and then MYSTERIOUSLY flew to Jamaica, New York. From there it went to New York City, New York, and as of March 29th, the package has never been seen. I know about its travels because CERTIFIED MAIL has a tracking record and our local postal employees have been helping me try to locate the package.

WARNING to all, photocopy materials sent in the MAIL and assume that if a letter or package is lost, that the materials can be duplicated. Insure your valuable mail too, because the rate is reasonable, and lastly send anything valuable with CERTIFIED MAIL.

NOW I have to worry about IDENTITY THEFT and I have the arduous task of recreating all of the documents from the lost 2014 Tax preparation booklet that I sent to my accountant in Stockton via the US Post Office.

LINDA SHAW, Valley Center
* * *


Editor, Times Advocate:

A momentous event occurred Sunday afternoon, April 12, in Valley Center. Surrounded by beautiful and inspiring photography, friends and neighbors rubbed close elbows in a standing room only crowd in the Valley Center library to hear the melodious sounds of four unbelievably talented pianists.

The occasion was to celebrate and dedicate the donation of a Becksteen Grand Piano given by Julie Watkins. As reported previously, 29 people offered a piano donation when the call was put out by the library. This type of community spirit is an example of why Valley Center is such a desirable place to live.

Under the leadership of Marian Klein, president of the Friends of the Valley Center Library, four musicians: George Vickrey, Mike Klingbeil, Laurie Johnson and Sydney Circle, opened our ears and minds to a variety of classical and romantic music layered in a very pleasing manner.

The audience was fully absorbed. Head nodding, foot tapping and shoulder twitches demonstrated the volume of internal enjoyment. Those who arrived on time wished that they had arrived earlier. Even the extra sets were taken and still no one left. All were enthralled.

Sitting with my fellow Valley Centerites, it was impossible not to feel pride in the Valley and the people it nourishes. Thank you to Ms. Klein, Mr. Vickrey, Mr. Klingbeil, Ms. Johnson and Ms. Circle for a true Afternoon’s Delight.

* * *


Editor, Times-Advocate:

So we have been conserving water, getting higher rates and now are being punished for our compliance with further restrictions when there are no moratoriums on builders or new development. Lets just kill the folks trying to make a living here, it’s OK, they can take it?

Kind of makes me mad.

* * *

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