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Letters to the editor


Editor, Times Advocate:

While it is easy to sympathize with the folks that own houses around what used to be Escondido Country Club, they would be wise in my opinion to go with the new proposal by Schesinger with some modifications. The way things are right now, it will be difficult to see any better scenario for that piece of land except the possibility of a different developer doing the project.

Land values will remain stagnant in the area if what used to be the old golf course remains in the condition that it is now and development of some sort there is inevitable. We all can agree that Schesinger came in like a bull in a china shop with no thought to the sensitivities of the local residents which proved to be a really bad approach and very costly to all involved but it is time for negotiations to begin for the best possible outcome for all and maybe everyone can compromise and get some of what they want.

Painful for some, yes but nothing good can come from more posturing on either side. One thing is for sure, it will never be golf course again. Which in my estimation is a real shame.

RANDY MOLHO, North Escondido

* * *


Editor, Times Advocate:

It is interesting that Michael O’Conner feels qualified to say the “vast majority of Valley Center residents” oppose the Lilac Hills Ranch development. I submit that the “vast majority” doesn’t even know or care where the development is as long as it is not in their neighborhood.

When my wife and I first visited Valley Center in 1978 looking for property on which to build a home we were definitely “pro-growth.” Five years later we found a ten-acre parcel, built our dream home and immediately became “no-growth.”

This was a somewhat selfish and immoral position, but “Hey! We’ve got ours, find yours some place else.” Then we realized that we were only able to fulfill our dream because some “Greedy Developer” had had the courage to invest time and treasure to subdivide and install improvements necessary to make the land suitable for residential housing. Ergo, no subdivision, no parcel for dream home.

While I am still a “No-growther” at heart, I am very grateful to the “Greedy Developer” who had the vision and courage to invest the time and treasure needed to split this “Paradise of Rattle Snakes and Rocks” into affordable size parcels, one of which was suitable for our dream home. Thank you “Greedy Developer.”

ROBERT C. CHENEY, Valley Center

* * *


Editor, Times Advocate:

President Obama said he did not want to meet with Prime Minister Nethanyahu because he did not want to influence the election in Israel. Of course, this did not apply to his furnishing a team of political experts to Israel to assist in the election of Bibi’s opponent. I suppose this is another demonstratioin of the disingenuous character of our leader.


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One response to “Letters to the editor”

  1. Ruth Larson says:

    These were real bombs meant to murder citizens, yes, an Act of Terror. It is hardly coincidental that the bomb targets were also victims of the president’s reckless inflammatory rhetoric. Words matter!
    This is not a false equivalency of both parties using the same indecent and violent language.
    There is only one party who has called for physical violence at rallies.

    “The Inciter In Chief” labeled journalists as “enemies of the people”,
    Urged supporters to beat up protestors “knock the crap out of them”
    Praised a congressman for doing a body slam of a reporter “he’s my guy,”
    Encouraged chants like “lock her up” and “CNN sucks”
    Name- called opponents “crooked Hillary”, “low IQ Waters”

    We need presidential leadership who realize when you target elected officials you target democracy. After a terror attack, we need empathy and consoling not another incendiary campaign rally.

    Enough is enough! Vote this party out Nov 6.

    Ruth Larson,M.D.

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