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The current political race between a well-qualified, experienced female against a neophyte, non politically-experienced male is a classic example of raw politics. No, I’m not referring to the U.S. presidential race but rather to the one in Escondido where Olga Diaz, a talented, experienced female is running for City Council against a male who has no elected experience but was hand-picked by Mayor Sam Abed to run against her because, apparently, she poses a threat to his power. Olga is an outspoken Latina who is a thorn to Mr. Abed who in the past has gotten national attention for his negative treatment of Hispanic Escondido residents. Could that be part of the reason Mr. Abed lost his bid to be a candidate for San Diego Supervisor? Because, frankly Mr. Abed, you are no Kevin Faullkner, more like a Pete Wilson. Olga, a candidate for all residents, deserves our vote.

ANDY PINO, Escondido
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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Commenting on Pastor Paul Bartelme and his wife’s’ article and their viewpoint on transgender people and their bathroom use, here are some facts:

There are approximately 1.4 million transgender people in the United States — most likely even more — according to reputable resources.

Most people would not even recognize a transgender person that uses the bathroom according to the ‘way they look.’ In other words, transgender people are already using (and have been for decades) the bathrooms that correspond to their identity, and not according to the private parts they were born with.

I am sure if you knew someone, for example, who used to be a man and identifies / looks like a woman (and if you were confronted by it), that you would let them use the women’s bathroom. Otherwise, a ‘person that looks like a woman’ would have to go to the men’s bathroom — which would be even more awkward, wouldn’t it?

The last thing transgender people want to do is create ‘a fuss’ about what bathroom they should use. The argument of male predators that dress up as females is such terrible, fear-installing propaganda. If that were to happen, it would happen anyway (regardless if there is a law or not). Transgender people have no intention of hurting people in the bathrooms that match their identity. They just simply want to use the restroom. There have been no factual incidents of transgender men converted women ‘attacking’ women in their restrooms.

Another fact: there are over 15,500 transgender people in the military (source: Wikipedia and various online military resources). Since this year, transgender military personnel are allowed to serve openly.

Would you let someone from the army that is transgender, use the women’s bathroom? Would you make such a soldier wear a female uniform, even though he looks (and identifies) with being a man?

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