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Letters to the editor


Editor, Times-Advocate:

I wanted to weigh in on the article about the Lilac Hills Ranch development. I was wondering why the developers are pushing something that the vast majority of residents in Valley Center do not want? First and foremost this is a minimum- 2 to 2 1/2 acre community with exception of the Woods Valley Community.

People move here, pay more for their house and want the community to keep its charm as a rural country town, I do not see local residents beating down the doors asking for much less than 1/4 acre lots and happy walking trails with hillside views of over 1700 homes.

If there are people who want that then a moving truck and road map will take them down the hill to those communities that are willing to build it with open arms and do not care about the other issues that go with it.

This is just not a good project to try to sell here; the developers should save their efforts for a community that welcomes this kind of over the top growth. Sorry just an FYI from your town crier.

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