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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Re: Times-Advocate August 18, 2016 picture and article on Lilac Hills Ranch:

I am happy to see at last a picture that accurately shows the land involved in this project.

Most people have no idea most of the land is a producing, agricultural property growing avocados, flowers, vegetables and other money crops.

Some of the farms are owned by recent veterans who came here for the peace and quiet of country living.

Through one or another, the general belief of those who have never seen it, it is a wasteland of dry, barren fields.

I invite any to come and drive down Lilac Road, turn right onto West Lilac and proceed to intersection of Circle R Drive (a “T” ), turn right onto West Lilac.

Keep watching for Covey Lane – it crosses W Lilac but take the left and go to the end of the road. Almost all of those avocado and lemon trees out there are where some of the houses will go.

If you go back to W Lilac and make a left onto it, it will take you to I-15 frontage road. Be sure to imagine this narrow, twisting road full of cars during a wild fire, all trying to get away from the inferno and onto I-15

This is the true picture of what that area will be like if Lilac Hills go in!


* * *


Editor, Times-Advocate:

We would like to express our appreciation to our friends at the Times Advocate for the times they have featured something about our museum within their pages.

The first time was a full article about our opening, our mission, and our goals. We loved the article and evidently so did many residents around the area.

Our staff and volunteers have been trained to always ask, “How did you hear about us,” as visitors enter the door. After that first article 90% of the people coming in said… “We saw you in the Times Advocate.”

For several weeks after that we had a measured increase in attendance, directly attributed to that article. And we have been equally blessed each time there has been something about our museum within your pages. When we reveal a new exhibit you have been kind enough to feature a picture and make mention of the event.

And every time, we once again, experience many new visitors to our museum. This only confirms what we already knew. Escondido and the surrounding areas are glad to have the Times Advocate back again.

Having been born in Escondido over 70 years ago, I grew up reading the Times Advocate and I was among the many that were heartbroken to watch as it faded into the sunset. I can’t begin to tell you how many of our visitors start a conversation about the paper coming back and how much they enjoy reading it.

And now, we even have some people that stop by the gift shop to pick up a copy each week, knowing we have it here on our shelves. So thank you again for reporting the museum’s news, we so appreciate it and the new visitors it has brought through our door.

JEANNIE NUTTER, Director Roynon Museum of Earth Science and Paleontology 457 E. Grand Ave. Suite 1-3 Escondido, CA

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