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Editor, Times-Advocate

A walk down memory lane. But I was a little confused by the opening paragraph.

“I’m going to try to paint a mental image of “what was where” that year of 1992 (and right around the turn of the decade) when I first began work as a reporter with the Daily Times-Advocate.”

If I remember correctly shouldn’t have have been around 1952? I was working at the shopping mall (Walker Scott) in 1964 and the Bulen dairy was gone. Not sure what year they put the trees down Grand Ave but I know it was long before 1992. Not only do I remember the wooden floors of Churchill & Cassou, but I remember a small section of wooden sidewalk still in place near Ting’s Pharmacy. Used to go into the grocery store once a week on the southwest corner of Grand and Broadway. Wimpy would give my brother and I each a cold wiener out of the meat case and we’d sit on the sidewalk on the corner to eat it. As soon as we were done we’d run around the corner to Hunt’s Toy Chest and wish for new toys.

Regardless, can’t tell you how excited we all were to hear you are going weekly. People that have come into our museum and seen the paper on our counter are thrilled the Times Advocate is back. Guess we have a lot of “old timers” stopping by. Good luck to you all!


Editor—That’s called a typo, and we HATE it when one creeps into the copy of our favorite columnist. Entirely our fault and not his. It should have said 1952, as you surmised.

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