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Letters to the Editor


I have always looked forward to my copy of The Times-Advocate, but now it lays unopened thanks to the Phyllis Knight column.

I respect Ms. Knight, her right to her own opinions and her beliefs, but do we need to see them every week? I think not. I value a “Faith” column but shouldn’t it be about the wonderful things happening in the church, temple and religious organizational commu­nity?

I personally do not agree with Ms. Knight on her perspectives she has shared in the paper. I don’t think her views reflect the beautiful diversity of our community.

My “hood” is made up of Christians, Straights, Jews, Atheists, Gays, Mus­lims Catholics, Agnostics, Buddhists, and Hindus. They are all nice folks. We meet in the street and chat about our kids and the neighborhood. We respect our differences and do not debate them. We support each other as neighbors without judging one another. I think your paper should do the same. Ms. Knight’s col­umns belong in a church newsletter for like-minded people, not in a newspaper that has a far reach and an important role in our community. Thank You!

Kate Simpson


The saddest part of Phyllis Knight’s illogical response to my letter is that she truly believes that defunding Planned Parenthood and outlawing abortion will reduce the abortion rate. This is a total pipe­dream. There is considerable evi­dence to show that the per-capita abortion rate before Roe v. Wade was just as high as after that decision—in 1967 there were over 800,000 illegal or self-induced abortions.

Those suffering the most were poor women, without the access to safe abortion that affluent women have always had. The current attack on a woman’s right to choose what happens in her body will also punish poor women the most. Other women can travel to a state where abortion is available and safe. Poor women will be punished. Knight was offend­ed by my suggestion that punishing women was a goal of the anti-choice folks. I’m sure, for Knight, it is not a goal—but it will definitely be the effect of defunding Planned Parent­hood and making access to reproduc­tive health more difficult.

Margaret McCown Liles

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