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Letters to the Editor

To Whom It May Concern:

Two recent letter writers caused me to ponder. Both took exception to another’s religious and or anti-abor­tion beliefs. The first was concerned about judging others by pointing out that in her neighborhood, “We respect our differences and do not debate them. We support each other as neighbors without judging one another.”

I contend that if there was some­thing bad happening in her area, let’s say maybe physical spouse abuse, then there would in fact be quite a bit of judging going on.

A judgment has to be made even before arriving at the decision of whether or not to support someone or their beliefs. It is all about where we each choose to draw the line between right and wrong.

Which brings me to the second writer (obviously a pro-choice per­son) that wrote, “The current attack on a woman’s right to choose what hap­pens in her body will also punish poor women the most.”

Well I’m no expert, but when a woman gets pregnant (rape excluded) isn’t it because she already chose what was happening in her body?

Why doesn’t the father have any say in the matter of abortion? In re­ality, shouldn’t two consenting part­ners, both in good health, have equal decision-making powers regarding an unborn child?

What right to choose does a soon to be aborted baby have? Where do we all draw the line?

Bill Lane


So Kate Simpson says she is not go­ing to read The Times-Advocate any­more because of the Phyllis Knight column. All Kate has to do is not read that particular article if she doesn’t like it! There are several people who enjoy Phyllis’s articles, I for one.

As I understand it, Phyllis Knight’s article is regularly scheduled for every other issue, but because the editor was gracious to let her respond to a particular letter to the editor, there have been a few weeks when it was weekly. But I don’t think that is the norm.

Is Kate also not going to read the San Diego Union-Tribune or any other pub­lication anymore because there might be something in there that she won’t like?

Hmm…. just wondering.

Keep up your good work with The Times-Advocate. My husband and I are enjoying it very much.

Linda Hanson

*Note: Opinions expressed by columnists and letter writers are those of the writers and not necessarily those of the newspaper.

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