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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Ron Kenney, your columns bring back great memories of the “old” T-A. I moved here in 1973 and remember being able to walk into the T-A building on Penn Ave and just go to whomever it was I wanted to talk to.

Of course those were different times but the paper was a local treasure. Last week you talked about happenings before I moved here but I had heard about it all from some long time locals like Bob McDonald (loved the Prowler column) and Hal Norwood and Jim Downing.

I would go to the Bon Ton coffee shop in the old Escondido Village Mall and listen to these guys discuss previous years. I learned a lot of Escondido history then. I know many people were sorry to see you leave the T-A but heartened to see you are back. I look forward to future columns.

I moved into my first home in September’73 and immediately became a subscriber until the NCTimes closed. Consider my shock when one day the T-A headline was about the Mayor being recalled. I thought, “What kind of town is this that they’re recalling the Mayor?” As it turned out Escondido is a great town that I describe as a big small town. Thank you.

ED GALLO, Escondido

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One response to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR”

  1. Dianne Lowe says:

    Dear Editor, I have been scanning all over the Internet; called some of the State and Federal Representatives offices; called Dems and Republicans Offices set up for the Mid Term, with one goal in mind.
    I wanted to get some kind of clue on the various Judicial Justices that appear on the Ballot for this Primary, 11-6-18, whether they are Liberal or Conservatives. Do you have that information available or do you have a good source for it.
    With all the drama over the Supreme Court Appointee and his so called Liberal leaning, I wanted to be able to grasp who I am voting for in the 18 Judicial Categories listed on the Ballot and how they would represent my Beliefs in todays Judicial world. I am in the 75th District of the State Assembly.
    Thanks for any assistance you can provide, Dianne Lowe

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