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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Slime indeed. How does someone get so far left that they can’t see what is right in front of them? The evidence of voter fraud is so apparent that you could almost trip over it. But Democrats only see what they want to see and hear what fits their narrative. Republicans have taken to calling it “drinking the Kool-Aid” because it reminds us of the folks in a cult at Jonestown who couldn’t see the dangers ahead and around them and drank the self-killing Kool-Aid. When you are so far into cult dogma that you can no longer see the danger around you, you will be led into suicide. Unfortunately, you are dragging the country with you. Socialism has never worked any where it has been tried. It is a form of government control of everything and loss of individual freedoms of choice. But Democrats so vehemently believe it will work this time, that all we can do is shake our heads at the idiocy before us. Like members of a cult, you can’t talk reason to them, can’t help them see what is right in front of them. You can’t show them proof of anything because they will deny what they are seeing and spout the party line. They have made up their own numbers to support their cool aid vision. It is useless to argue with them because they only believe the dogma they have been led to believe, even if it can be proven wrong. Systemic racism against 15% of the population? Let them out of the Democratic ghettos and they do just fine. They make good friends and neighbors. But when they get out they might vote Republican. So now the Democrats need Latinos to be the protected minority whose votes can be guaranteed. They are 49% of the population in my community. Like most cults, you can’t stop them. You can’t prevent the mass carnage. You can’t reason with them. They are beyond reason. I don’t try to argue with Democratic friends. All they can do is spout the party line. Regardless how destructive their path is, they will trudge down it into self-destruction. Look at the mess at the border. We all knew what opening our borders would do to sink this country, but they did it anyway, and without any plans for handling the crisis it would create. The rhetoric is, blame the Republicans for everything, hide your own messes so no one sees them and you don’t have to have any plans to fix anything. Stimulus? What a joke. Nine percent for the people who really needed it and the rest was all political pork and paybacks for Democratic states. Democrats may be seeing it through rose colored glasses but the rest of us see the Emperor without any clothes, a road to financial destruction for the world. You get a chuckle out of me about the 11 hours of forced reading aloud (gerbil-on-a-wheel) of a bill with long reaching effects. If a few people had actually read or listened to the reading of the Obamacare bill, it might not have passed. We might not have the implementation years later of awful costs and the clean-up mess we now have. Isn’t it their job to know what they are voting on? Every bill should be read in its entirety. But you are so far into the Kool-Aid that you just want to rush through the whole cult rhetoric. When you are so attached to the party rhetoric, you don’t need to read anything. Just sign your approval and get the smiles of the party. What you don’t understand and maybe never will is that “Trumpism” isn’t about a man. It is about fixing the problems in this country. I don’t have to like him as a man to like what he was doing to fix this country. So if “slime” goes with Trumpism, bring it on. Slime is about survival. The slime will be around to fix this country after the “cult” has run it off a cliff.


2 responses to “Letter to the Editor: WRITER TRIES LEANING RIGHT”

  1. Daisy Kay says:

    Conservatives and the Republican Party must rebrand away from the Trumpism label. There is just enough of a negative visceral undercurrent in the country surrounding our past President that I fear control of Congress will be hard to regain. How do you feel. Comment back.

  2. Ryan Fergison says:

    Thank you Ms. Saad for one of the best satirical articles I’ve read in a long time. Let’s read through the more humorous parts of your letter together and share some laughs.

    Drinking the Kool-Aid is a brilliant reference to the January 6 events where the Kool-Aid kid revved up his cultists “who couldn’t see the dangers ahead and around them” thinking storming our government and killing police was a good idea. Yep, “Like members of a cult, you can’t talk reason to them”. Perfect analogy!! Then there are the new cult leaders in the brain-trusts of Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan and the Qool-Aid queens Marjorie Green and Lauren Boebert. The Republicans are in fine hands going forward with these brilliant Q-ists.

    And who could forget Voter Fraud claims? How ridiculous! All those Republican judges just throwing out Mr. Giuliani’s, Ms. Sidney Powell’s and Mr. Pillow Guy’s arguments just because there was no evidence. How could they!! That was a great poke in the side of the Left.

    Ahhhh your defining Socialism to the Dems was great. What a put down of the Libs! All those federal subsidies of the Oil and Gas industry, the Agri-corporations bail out when they needed to get bailed out due to the tariffs on China (that worked so well!), our federal highways and roads, our military and police, USPS, student loans and grants, Congressional health care, Polio and Covid vaccinations, EPA, Social Security (you’re taking yours – right?), public schools, prisons, VA health care, and ohhhh the list goes on. Where will all this Socialism end??

    Racism – who would have thought to blame the Left? That was great. Yeah – I agree, let “them” out of the Democratic ghettos to vote! What a novel idea! Maybe you should explain this point to the Georgia government. I am sure they would agree as “They make good friends and neighbors” and surely vote Republican…

    And speaking of plans to control the border, I really had a good laugh with you on this point. I’m so glad Mexico paid the billions of dollars for that ‘beautiful wall’. Oh? They didn’t? It came from our military tax dollars? And it is sooooo effective!! How could that have not been a well thought-out plan?

    One of your best and most humorous points was the Stimulus joke. Thank you!! The $2 trillion corporate stimulus to the huge corporations and the rich kept me laughing for weeks, Then there were the previous two stimulus bills from the prior Administration that was sort of “Friends and Relatives Gift Package” pitting State Governments against each other to provide PPE and help to the Main Street Businesses that were so badly in need. Yes ma’am! Those were really belly laughs!!

    Well, we could laugh together all day, but I really should wrap this up as I have some important matters to attend such as setting out my American Flag to display my feelings of “Liberty and Justice for ALL”.

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