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Letter to the Editor: WHO ARE THE RACISTS HERE?

Editor, Times-Advocate: 

I have just one question regarding the letters to the editor negatively referencing Council member Mike Morasco’s June 11 opinion piece: who are the racists here? 

Two letters in the past two weeks have used the terms “white male” and “white, old, conservative-leaning constituents” to describe Mr. Morasco and his district membership. 

May I remind the “open-minded,” “correct” thinking writers of these letters that the definition of racism is “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities to that race…” These “progressive minded” letter writers are promoting racism themselves by consistently pointing out that Mr. Morasco is white and so are his constituents, and they all believe and behave a certain way. 

Let’s be consistent, here. Either you defend and promote all races, or none. If you do not defend and promote all races, and specifically insult and deny the rights of one,  you are a racist.

LORI HATLEY, Escondido

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3 responses to “Letter to the Editor: WHO ARE THE RACISTS HERE?”

  1. Dwight Alexander says:

    Very well said Lori Hayley.

  2. Bob Mosemak says:

    Lori nailed it. Seems those attacking Morasco should look within themselves for the re as l racists.

  3. Margee Day says:

    Thank you for expressing truth, Ms Hatley.

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