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Letter to the Editor: WELL DONE ON THE CONTENT

Editor, Times-Advocate

I’m a relatively new subscriber and do enjoy the local flavor this paper provides. Well done on the content.

But the extreme right-wing positions presented week after week on your editorial page with no attempt at having opinions presented that represent a large majority of Californians. Our country is being torn apart by people who think they are conservative but are simply American hating radicals whom want to eliminate the enlightenment as it interferes with something or other because their answers change day to day like their morals. Maybe you can publish an opposing piece once in a while.

And what is up with the weekly pablum coming from the pen of Marie Waldron? Is her campaign paying for this advertising? Is she an employee of the paper? Inquiring minds want to know.


*Note: Opinions expressed by columnists and letter writers are those of the writers and not necessarily those of the newspaper.

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