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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Re: ECCHO and ‘ “Just Say No’ to Facts” March 23, 2017

It appears that ROCC representatives are cherry picking the facts to support their position in favor of New Urban West Inc. (NUWI) when determining the future of the Escondido Country Club (ECC).

Both the State and local agencies mandate a CEQA review for development proposals to address the environmental consequences associated with the development.  Larger projects such as the NUWI project may have significant impacts, thus requiring an Environmental Impact Review (EIR) as well.  The City of Escondido’s Public Scoping meeting in February was part of this process.

The vesting map filed by NUWI shows a reduction of open space available to all residents from the current 110 acres to 46 acres which is a reduction of 42%.  In addition, the vesting map clearly designates all open space as being under HOA management.  That leaves 64 acres for 393 homes which includes single family units and condominiums.  Many of the single-family housing units will be on lots 1/2 the size of current zoning thus requiring a Specific Plan to override existing zoning regulations like Prop H tried to pass but failed by a 61% to 39% city wide voter margin in 2014.

The “close consultation with the community over the past year in an open and transparent process” is a matter of opinion.  The meeting of small neighborhood groups on a weekly basis last year were discontinued shortly after they started with no reason given by NUWI.

It is disconcerting that a handful of residents who support NUWI are taking it upon themselves to mitigate traffic problems associated with this massive development.  Typically, the city’s planning department would take on this role since the city’s staff has the experience and knowledge to do so.  The city is financially responsible for upgrades and improvements to city systems and roads beyond the development’s boundaries.

Settling for any developer “to get the property owner out of the picture” is a foolhardy endeavor and very short-sighted.  ECCHO represents the majority of homeowners in the ECC neighborhood.  They have done so ethically and responsibly since 2013 when Schlesinger started his vendetta against the neighborhood and city for standing up for our rights.  We will continue to fight for our property rights and be justified in doing so.  To blame  ECCHO for the state of the ECC is reckless and ill-informed.

MARY COFFEY, Escondido

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