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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Escondido City Councilman Mike Morasco’s vote against placing a sales tax increase on the ballot isn’t a “… stand against raising taxes” as Councilman Morasco touts. It was instead an egotistical move to decide unilaterally what the voters need.

While Councilman Morasco is steadfast in his belief that he speaks for, and knows the needs and desires, of Escondido Voters, I prefer to be able to make such choices for myself – I am sure most Escondido voters feel the same way.

Councilman Morasco now joins the ranks of Governor Newsom and other elected officials who are part of the “Nanny State.” Representatives should never take from the voters a chance to make their own decisions when appropriate. 

Although I do not agree with Councilman Morasco’s position on a sales tax increase, I certainly respect it. He would have had ample opportunity to educate voters on his position after the measure was placed on the ballot. I guess it was easier for Councilman Morasco to just make the decision for us, like a good “parent,” who knows what is best. Or possibly he thought the Escondido voters were not smart enough to reach an informed decision, so he just did it for us. 

The bright side is that there is time for Councilman Morasco to right the wrong. Through a special meeting, the City Council could revisit the measure and place it on the ballot, where it should be!


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2 responses to “Letter to the Editor: WE NEED LEADERS NOT NANNIES”

  1. Bob Mosemak says:

    Obviously Clark Daily hasnt hot the message. We pay too many taxes in this state. The election system is rigged to keep liberals in office and pass every tax increase they can throw at us. Just remember it’s not the voters but who counts the votes.

  2. Robert Daumiller says:

    No sales tax increase is always in the public’s best interest. Until politicians can prove the money collected is being spent properly, no tax increase of any kind is warranted. Spend and tax has been and always will be a fiscal disaster. If Mr. Dailey wishes to pay more, he and his ilk may contribute all they personally wants. No one is stopping them.

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