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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Re:  “Abed calls McNamara’s claims “lies

Sorry, successful cities don’t have endless ‘For Lease’ signs in their primary downtown place of business!  Nor, do they close a highly used library and outsource another, nor do they spend $ millions in legal settlements over their terrible decisions and $5 million more subsidizing a money-losing golf course–especially when they are undermining the library system at the same time.  The time is up for a career politician like Sam Abed.  We need a common sense leader like Paul McNamara!


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2 responses to “Letter to the Editor: WE NEED A COMMON SENSE LEADER”

  1. Steve says:

    👍 AMEN! Sam Abed is concerned about one thing only…… his own pocketbook!

  2. Pat Osio, Jr. says:

    Sam Abed’s time is up, as there is need for truthful and honest leadership. Similarly, there is a need to consider not voting for Congressman Hunter whose honesty is not only in question, he is in fact going on trial for the theft of campaign funds. He is also spineless, first blaming his wife of the theft; that not working, he launched a conspiracy attack; that not taking hold; he accuses his opponent of being a Muslim terrorist, he is a Christian. He now hopes that his District is so heavy Republican that he will get re-elected anyway and then ask Trump for a pardon — so what he is in fact saying is that there are no better qualified Republicans that can in 2 years challenge the Democrat, non-criminal, and take the seat back. What a choice, a crook or a Democrat for 2 years.

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