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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Abed’s tirade during your interview, which you so aptly characterized as “enough to scald the hairs off a hog’s carcass,” reveal an out of control and scared mayor. Candidate Paul McNamara has struck Abed’s vulnerable nerves, and the response is classic Abed – flailing, mean, old and tired accusations against his opponents that they are in the pockets of the unions (non-substantiated), has ties to the ACLU (the organizations that has successfully brought suit against the city for questionable policies, and which has cost millions of taxpayer dollars), and heaven forbid, an endorsement by former mayor, Jerry Harmon, who by implication is a pariah. 

For the record, Abed’s disdain of Mayor Harmon is not shared by most of the Escondido community. Harmon enjoys the respect of many who have followed his lead in the community.

Abed’s characteristic braggadocio and false claims that Stone Brewery, Vintana, Palomar Hospital, etc. are attributable to his leadership are simply false. Stone Brewery was around long before Abed even knew they existed. Vintana, is a collaboration between SD’s Cohn Restaurant Group, chef-partner Deborah Scott and Judy-Cone who owns the Lexus dealership. It has nothing to do with Abed

The fact remains that, under his watch, quality of life in Escondido is declining. Our parks and ball fields are poorly maintained, and our recreation programs lack vitality. Our East Valley extension library was closed, and the central library was turned over to a for-profit corporation in what is unheard of 10-year contract against a storm of protests from the public. Not a unifying performance in anyone’s books.

Abed’s talk about a vibrant downtown is blatantly false. Vibrant is not what anyone would call our downtown. The storefront vacancies on Grand tell the true story. Merchants are in an uproar over the proposed plan to turn the parking lot across the street from city hall into condos. Some business owners are already saying they will leave if that happens. Once again, the mayor’s ill-conceived plans are dividing the community. 

Regarding donations, Abed conveniently ignores the fact that part of his $225,000 war chest includes monies left over from his previous run for mayor. It is a matter of public record that a large number of his donations come from out of town developers, many of whom have projected business with the city. The fact that the mayor and city council raised the donation limit to one of the highest in the state cannot be ignored.

The public is wary of the Abed’s manipulation of facts, especially his claim that he recruited 2200 new business that brought 3 000new jobs to the city. Where is the list of these 2200 businesses? What is the nature of the new jobs created? What Escondido residents want is transparency from its government. That we do not have.

CHRIS NAVA, Escondido

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One response to “Letter to the Editor: VIBRANT IS NOT WHAT ANYONE WOULD CALL OUR DOWNTOWN”

  1. Don Burton says:

    Amen. Abed is just part of a vast syndicate of monied interests (mostly developers) and SD county Republican operatives (using various PACs) meant to weave an interlocking directorate of sorts across all of North County to maintain their stranglehold. We see the same tactics employed in Carlsbad, San Marcos, Oceanside, and Vista with the same people backing their candidates who will do their bidding. Try searching for instance. Check out under Filer’s Name “North County Neighborhoods Coalition”. This is just one example of many.

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