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Editor, Times-Advocate:

De-escalation is a big part of being a police officer.

If you got a job as an EMT, for instance, it would be inappropriate to insist on only driving the ambulance while refusing to administer CPR as needed. Any functioning adult understands that a job requires you to perform every applicable duty and responsibility. So how come this simple expectation does not apply to all police officers?

Bad cops have access to a legal loophole called qualified immunity that allows them to avoid a huge part of their job: the de-escalation of tense situations. These cops would rather use excessive force than de-escalate a tense situation because qualified immunity protects them from any real accountability.

Ending qualified immunity will force bad cops to carry out the full demands of their job knowing that excessive use of force might have legal consequences for them. Afterall, use of force should be the last resort for any good police officer.


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One response to “Letter to the Editor: USE OF FORCE SHOULD BE LAST RESORT”

  1. Robert Daumiller says:

    The cops I knew in Escondido and where ever I have lived acted with caution and training entering life and death situations. They are especially vulnerable now as the psychotic PC trend to vilify and hold cops “accountable” occurs prior to any facts being brought out.
    Cops run to danger, not away from it. “Activists” rely on lies and half-truths to further their goals which do not include a safe orderly society. So, when dealing with a violent criminal(s), all deference must be given to those who have to deal with criminals they know nothing about. Cops cannot read the minds or intentions of those they come into contact with. They must be free to act as they see a situation unfold. It has become a highly dangerous profession one most of us have decided not to embark on.
    Cops are not assassins nor do they desire to become gunslingers. Their daily existence always poses the possibility that they will have to use deadly force when responding to a call. Cops rarely know what they may deal with beforehand. As such, they must be free from the Monday morning quarterbacks, always ignorant of the facts at hand, so they can safely exercise their training and instincts to protect society from those who would bring harm to it. I want cops to go home at night. I care less about a criminal.
    We are seeing a spate of super stupid people challenging authority. The violence has been needless and extremely violent. A riot is not protesting and quickly gets out of hand and if not immediately controlled. Violent people act at their risk and if they come into contact with a cop, simply need to cease felonious activity or face the consequences they created.
    Innocent citizens must be able to rely upon their law enforcement and yes, trust it. This begins by not hiring politically correct, weak police chiefs and sheriffs. Hire those who will properly train, oversee and support their subordinates. Hire those that will protect and serve.
    Bad cops, as Lynn Adams laments about in this article, are extremely rate and are rooted out quickly. Do not second guess a cop until all the facts are in. Your life may depend on it.
    Support your law enforcement or we are back in the caves.

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