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Editor, Times-Advocate:

I would like to comment on two very important and extremely positive actions the Escondido City Council and Mayor recently took effecting our city.

Back in March, the City Council voted unanimously to ban smoking in public places, including sidewalks. This is an extremely positive and progressive measure that will benefit all of us, especially those concerned with respiratory illnesses. Now we can all enjoy Crusin’ Grand without having to cough and choke on second hand smoke.

This month, the  Mayor and Council wisely put the District 2 City Council seat on November’s ballot after the four council members consistently deadlocked on a replacement. My praise goes out to Mayor McNamara for showing true nonpartisan politics by voting with Councilman Mike Morasco for a more conservative candidate which is a better replacement for John Masson in a historically more conservative district 2.

Two pieces of positive news that bring us hope and a better life in the days to come.

LORI HATLEY, Escondido

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