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Letter to the Editor: TRYING TO TRICK US AGAIN

Editor, Times-Advocate:

Our government is trying to trick you again! Proposition 13 on the primary ballot (unlike its name) has Nothing to do with Prop. 13 from the 1970s that everyone supports!

Instead, they’re asking for $15 billion for preschools, K-12 & college improvement. But, let’s remember:

Just 4 years ago California passed Prop. 51: $9 billion to fund construction and improvement in K-12 schools & colleges! We were told that amount was enough to cover the costs.

What has our government done with all that money? They must be held accountable before we give more!

Let me make this crystal clear: Prop. 13 on this primary ballot taxes everyone! That’s right – you are taxing yourself if Prop. 13 passes!

Our government needs to answer to us before they take more of our money! It’s up to you!

Please vote “no” on Prop. 13!


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3 responses to “Letter to the Editor: TRYING TO TRICK US AGAIN”

  1. Paul says:

    How can we find out what they did with all that money?
    Since you called them out on it, Can you tell us what they did or did or not do?
    Please elaborate?
    I do not want to be scammed!

  2. Ray Carney says:

    It’s called the California General “slush” Fund.

  3. Carney says:

    It’s called the California General ‘slush” Fund.

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