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Editor, Times-Advocate:

In reference to Richard Bova’s letter to the editor stating that President Trump is a disruptor and this is disastrous; this is exactly the reason why people voted him in. We are tired of the old political infrastructure and want to “drain the swamp.” 

President Trump “allowed” the coronavirus to sweep the country? I’ll tell you this much, no Democrat would have had the tenacity to close the country to international flights like President  Trump did, and one can only imagine how many more cases would have occurred without this action. 

President Trump got the coronavirus because he is working hard resolving issues, including brokering  unprecedented peace agreements in the Middle East, all while working to bring our country back from this forced economic repression.  Also, President Trump quickly recovered from COVID, showing it is not as deadly as the media is trying to scare the country with. 

Infrastructure week? Of course, the Democrats would love to work on that with President Trump, spending tax payer money on pork barrel projects is what Democrats are famous for.

LORI HATLEY, Escondido

3 responses to “Letter to the Editor: TRUMP VOTERS WERE TIRED OF OLD POLITICS”

  1. Paul says:

    Reap what you sow trump supporters.

    The US has been under attack longer than this president but he is the first to exacerbate it.


    Well said Lori
    Youre dealing with liberal voting cattle here. Trump has far more accomplishments than they want to admit yet they love having their retirement accounts grow and feel secure under the safety of our rebuilt military.
    This is what happens when the main stream media is overwhelmingly biased directing the democrats what to do and keeping the chaos alive for their own good.
    Instead of venturing out to various information sources the cattle stick with what makes them feel good.
    Stay strong Lori

  3. Stein says:

    The hatred of the man clouds the vision of those that cannot see all the good President Trump has done. He does not need the job, takes no money, and works tirelessly for America. Your letter is spot on, Lori!

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