Escondido, CA

Letter to the Editor: THE SUDDEN CLOSING OF YMCA

Editor, Times-Advocate:
Finally, some news about the local YMCA.
Several people I know have talked about the sudden closure of the Y. Some of us have served on the Board and all of us have contributed many times, especially for scholarships so that Escondido families and children could participate in Y activities.
The Y simply closed. We who were members and supporters and employees never heard a word about what happened. We all had heard that the County Y and other Y’s in the area had to help support this Y because it apparently could not support itself.
Your recent article explains the history of the agreement the Y had with the City. And now we know a little more about the supposed sale of the property. But still it sits, with a YMCA sign on the street, a gorgeous pool, rooms for activities and child care and offices, a gym.
I am disappointed in the County YMCA and the City for allowing the closure to happen. Thank you for your reporting.
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