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Letter to the Editor: THE SCIENCE IS CLEAR

Editor, Times-Advocate:

Re: “Mayor urges “be bold” on climate action “revolution””

I am disappointed that the article refers to carbon dioxide (CO2) as one of the alleged causes of climate change when science has been very clear that it is one of the causes.  Denial or suggesting otherwise is harmful to the public and our welfare.

I also suggest that you use the full quote from the paper by the American Planning Association regarding social equity as some could read your editor’s note as suggesting  something that is completely opposite from the reality of the article.  The exact quote starts out by stating that the effects of climate change IS impacting those who least contribute to those factors.  The exact quote is:  “As we deepen our understanding of climate change effects, it is becoming evident that those who have contributed the least to factors that cause climate change are those who are potentially most vulnerable to the negative consequences of climate change.”


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One response to “Letter to the Editor: THE SCIENCE IS CLEAR”

  1. Joe Veltri says:

    I agree with Richard Miller. I’m not surprised that the “old curmudgeon’s” opinion is reflected in his reporting. It always has. Facts are facts, however, and there is no “allegation” as to what the cause of our changing climate is. We learned about the “Greenhouse effect” as 7th graders 50 years ago. People that pay attention to the climate, like farmers, can attest to the facts we see and document. Just look at the past decade! We now have proof that the fossil fuel industry deliberately published falsified reports to deny the true cause of our warming planet. Thanks Exxon. Climate deniers do us no service by perpetuating these falsehoods. We must face facts. A hotter and drier future.

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