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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Hearing Mueller describe the extent of Trump’s crimes and corruption convinced me that Congress has to stop stalling and start taking action. It’s time for a formal impeachment inquiry. 

Donald Trump claims the Mueller report exonerated him, but Mueller clearly stated in his testimony that he did NOT exonerate Trump. Mueller’s investigation found extensive criminal activity, uncovered over 100 secret meetings and communications between Trump’s campaign team and Russia or Russia-linked individuals, and found at least 10 episodes of obstruction of justice by the president himself, including telling the White House Counsel to lie during the investigation. 

It’s unbelievable to watch the person who holds the highest office in the land ignore the law when any other American who committed those same crimes would be put in jail.

Mueller’s findings resulted in 37 indictments and at least 7 convictions or guilty pleas, including Trump’s national security advisor, personal lawyer, and campaign chairman. Mueller made it clear, however, that the Department of Justice policy prevented him from indicting Donald Trump because he is a sitting president.

Mueller did his job. It’s time for Congress to do theirs and hold Trump accountable. 

There can be no more excuses or delays. It’s time for our representative and the rest of Congress to take action to hold Trump accountable. It’s time for a formal impeachment inquiry!


5 responses to “Letter to the Editor: TAKE ACTION TO HOLD TRUMP ACCOUNTABLE”

  1. Robert M Mosemak says:

    As usual a libs take on the testimony of Mueller.
    First off Mueller couldnt exhonerate Trump. Legally there is nothing in the law that allows any prosecutor to do so. This was CLEARLY explained to Mueller in the hearing.
    Second what obstruction? Agsin Mueller testified that his investigation was never interferred with, it was completed as assigned. Again what obstruction.
    Trumps actions were a result of seeing a bunch of Clinton supporters biased one sided liars being placed on Muellers staff.
    Stop twisting the bull crap

    • Joe says:

      If people would just take the time to read the report they would see for themselves that this president is thoroughly corrupt and deserves to be served justice.

      • Marie Lynette Fraser says:

        Perhaps if you read the report you would find that there actually was collusion- with the Clinton campaign and the Democratic party and the FBI and the CIA to take down Trump. The Washington Post editor just admitted that the Muller-Russia investigation was a bust, so now they are going with “Trump is a racist” talking points. He literally said that. If you believe what you posted, you are a victim of the MSM lies. Journalism is dead, it’s all tabloid lies, on both sides.

  2. Christine Jackson says:

    Trump lovers will keep watching Fox News and believing whatever is “reported.”
    Thank you Joni for writing what many people are wondering, “How has our country sunk so low?”
    Christine, Patriot

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