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Editor, Times-Advocate:

I am hoping you can help get the news out to the community that a petition has been started to stop the Request for Proposals and reject any future proposals for the construction of a BMX track in Kit Carson Park, one of the “Jewels of Escondido.”

A similar proposal was brought to the City Council in 2013, which caused an outcry from local residents.  The residents have been on alert since the City Council began plans to build a commercial water park in Kit Carson Park back in 2012.

Kit Carson differs from the other park being talked about for possible suitability for a track in that it has wildlife habitats which are home to beautiful trees and an abundance of wild animals.  Much of the original land given to the city of Escondido has already been used to build the Westfield Shopping Mall, and many local residents already battle the traffic congestion caused by the mall, the high school and middle school, and several churches which are all located on this same road.

Residents interested in signing this petition should call 760-747-7237. Thank you so much for helping us get the word out about this to local residents!

RUTH WEBER, Escondido

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