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Editor, Times-Advocate:

To truly empower the people who live in the region where your newspaper is sold you should be spreading the benefits of solar and encouraging people to educate themselves and to attend educational classes on solar and energy efficiency. They will buy more papers for one. 

Also, I have solar and a Tesla Model 3. I save a ton of money and time from not having to go to the gas station. I live right by a highway and the smell of the fumes coming from the highway is terrible; sometimes it makes me sick. I am looking forward and you should be too, to the day when there are few to zero fuel burning cars on the road, all our energy is from clean renewable, people will be healthier, happier, hopefully read more and have a lot more money to spend on things right here in San Diego, rather than big money going to big time stock players, CEO’s and executives to spend elsewhere. 

Help Americans, Californians, San Diegans, your business, your neighbors, yourself and your children and family by going solar and spreading the benefits and opportunities for education of renewable energy including solar. Let’s make the air clean, let help local and the local economy!


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One response to “Letter to the Editor: SPREAD THE BENEFITS OF SOLAR”

  1. Marian L Sedio says:

    We also drive an EV and have solar. It’s been great! One of the things I appreciate about the EV is the air quality aspect. It’s amazing to me how many people sit in thier cars idling even when the weather is temperate, especially with the price of gas being so high. Don’t they understand how much air pollution they are causing? We already have air quality issues in CA due in part to the number of fires.

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