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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Re: the letter “I dare ya!”

Thanks Harry for your sarcastic and callous attitude towards our downtown business owners, their families and employees. There is nothing political about stating the scientific data of our local situation in this pandemic. 

The facts are 99.988 % of Escondidoans have NOT contracted this virus as of 5/19/2020 which is a full two months after local citizens and business owners agreed to shut down for a few weeks to give hospitals and elected leaders a chance to prepare for the worse-case scenario so many “experts” were predicting. Kind of like the inaccurate statistics you stated. 

No, Escondido does not have “double the rate of infection of Oceanside,” we have 52 more cases. And no we aren’t “just behind National City and Chula Vista.” National City has 301, Chula Vista has 859 and Escondido has 189 cases. I’m not sure what you gain by trying to deceive TA readers with false statistics but we’ve been seeing a lot of that lately. 

If you are scared, please stay home and yes, don’t take your elderly parents to busy public places, but telling small business owners they need to commit economic suicide so you feel safer at home is not a rational request. They can’t stay home and collect a guaranteed salary, pension or SS check. At this stage of most of their lives they have mouths to feed, bills to pay, rent, mortgages (or both), property taxes, insurance, employees, suppliers, retirement funds, etc. to pay. 

And yes they can open as safely and responsibly as Home Depot, Costco, Walmart, or your local bank. Ignoring the economic destruction that is surely happening to our restaurants, retailers, and service professionals is the real “DUH” moment here and luckily our County Board of Supervisors agrees with me and refuses to live in a constant state of fear. Now it’s the Governor’s turn to understand and follow his own guidelines to “Reopen Escondido.”

ALEX MACLACHLAN, president of the Downtown Business Association

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