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Editor, Times-Advocate:
Representative Issa’s recent vote to not strip Marjorie Greene of her committee leadership roles shows his unwillingness to follow his constituents’ expectations. Only 24% of Republicans feel Greene is worthy of staying in her position, let alone remaining in her committee roles.
Mr. Issa is following the fringe wing of his party which will hopefully come back to haunt him. He should be a representative of our district, not a puppet supporting lies, death threats to his colleagues and insurrection. I thought he is a better person than that. I was wrong.
So I hope that if he does not take his carpet bag to another district to run as their representative, that he is soundly defeated in his next race to represent those of us who believe in rational and sound government be it conservative or liberal.
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3 responses to “Letter to the Editor: REP ISSA VOTE IN SUPPORT OF MARJORIE GREENE”

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    Thanks for writing that, Ryan Fergison — My thoughts exactly.

  2. Margaret Day says:

    Thank you, Congressman Issa! The democrat bully tactics and McCarthyism against Republicans has to stop. What is being done to squelch and trample on free speech in D.C. is un-American. Enough already!

  3. larry r markey says:

    Mr. Fergison, I haven’t seen any sound and rational govt on a state or national level for a longggg time. Today’s govt is mostly about waste, corruption, lies, avoiding responsibility, obtuseness, pandering, obscurantism, favoritism and the politician’s expertise; getting rich off the taxpayer!(so few of us left). Ms. Greene hasn’t been around long enough to pick up all those bad habits. I’ll cut her some slack, for now. My apologies if I’m misspelling your name. Just following the example.

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