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Letter to the Editor: RENAME KIT CARSON PARK

Editor, Times-Advocate:

These are changing social times where America is confronting its racist past. It is time for the city of Escondido to re-evaluate the name of Kit Carson. A park honoring this “Indian” killer stands in Escondido, but overlooked is the racist hatred this man carried against Native people. 

Kit Carson led genocidal campaigns to wipe out Native tribes from the face of Earth. He instigated battles against tribes so as to remove them from their ancestral homelands to pitiful reservations where living conditions were horrendous. He attacked peaceful villages out of anger and hatred when his campaigns did not produce any success. He had no problems killing elderly Natives, women, and children. He tormented and destroyed many Native families. He led discriminatory campaigns against the Blackfeet, the Navajo, the Apache, the Comanche, and the Kiowa. His hatred of Natives was only surpassed by his greed to make profits by selling the scalps of dead Natives. 

So I ask why does the city of Escondido still honor the work of this racist ? His past actions still carry pain and anger among many Native Americans. The racism and hatred created by this man compares to the history of the old southern Confederacy. It is time for a change. America is bravely confronting its past. It is time for the city of Escondido to join in the change. 


3 responses to “Letter to the Editor: RENAME KIT CARSON PARK”

  1. K. Connors says:

    Excellent letter and I agree whole-heartedly. It is time to investigate why we have monuments and make a throughtful choice about who we honor. It’s worth it to point out that Taos, New Mexico already voted to change their Kit Carson Park’s name.

  2. Sal Sanchez says:

    S M Sanchez

    I agree with renaming Kit Carson Park in Escondido because Native American Life’s Matter. The Escondido city government must take action now and remove the Indian Killers name and rename park.

  3. Luis Gonzalez says:

    I just moved to Escondido and had never heard of “Kit Carson”. So, I did some research and what I found out about Kit Carson was that he was a cold blooded killer. Why would the City of Escondido name a park after such a man? Like Taos, NM, they renamed their park to “Red Willow Park”, Escondido should do likewise and rename this beautiful park using the name of some beautiful plant or animal, not a troubled man with a troubled past, responsible for the death of thousands of innocent Native American men, women and children.

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