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Letter to the Editor: QUIT BEING A SUCKER

Editor, Times-Advocate

While reading your opinion piece about the glory of rich people I was reminded of a line by a popular radio talk show host, “Conservatives are one of three things, Billionaires, Millionaires paid by Billionaires to shill for them, and suckers.” And since your piece indicated you are not one of the first two I understand why you would write such garbage.

No, one day you can’t be a billionaire. That’s akin to promoting the lottery as an investment plan and a dangerously foolish message. And for you to take a message about extreme wealth and immediately shift to worldwide poverty statistics as a counter argument is asinine and only serves the needs of the billionaires.

And your comments on Venezuela seal the deal. Our petro-billionaires are wholly responsible for destroying the economic lives of those people. Quit being a sucker, David.


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Editor-—Quit living in darkness. Suggest you read this New York Times Op-Ed by a journalist who has lived in Caracas for a decade. Maybe you’ll learn something: Socialists always have excuses for the lives they drive into misery. And it’s never the fault of socialism!

One response to “Letter to the Editor: QUIT BEING A SUCKER”

  1. Bill Rice says:

    More name-calling leftist commentary. Is Mr. Reinhofer one who prefers the nearly unfettered taxation being foisted on us Californians? Our legislature needs some Conservative influence. It has been squeezing out every possible dollar from earning Californians to pay for the unwarranted benefits the public employee unions have been bribing those same legislators to obtain. Yes, that is one of the hallmarks of Socialism, the same disease that destroyed Venezuela…greater government control of everything until the whole thing collapses. Watch out for repeal of the Prop 13 property tax increase brake, it’s coming. I don’t benefit from it personally, and my real estate tax has gone up most of the last 19 years at the rate of up to 5% per year of the amount paid the previous year. However, many people do even though counties that once honored the transfer of the benefit no longer do.

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